Why People Don’t Subscribe To Your Channel, Yet They Watch Your Videos

10k views with 2k subscribers on a video are quite upsetting. It’s annoying and disappointing when people don’t subscribe yet to watch your videos. Let’s face the bitter, harsh truth of why people don’t subscribe to your channel.

Your content already exists on YouTube, and you don’t ask people to subscribe; your channel is a multi-niche channel. Also, your channel is all over the place; you do not engage your viewers, you do not promote your channel, and sometimes kids are the ones watching your videos.

9 Reasons Why People Don’t Subscribe To Your Channel Yet Watch Your Videos

1. Your Channel is Multi-niche.

By saying your channel is multi-niche, you upload videos of different types. One week you are giving people tips on how to make money online. The following week you are doing cooking videos, and the next is about video games. This type of mixed content creates confusion with your viewers, and they will not subscribe to your channel because they cannot predict what is next. It’s good to narrow down and stick to one niche; that way, viewers will be eager to wait for your next video, and they will subscribe to your channel.

2. You Are Not Engaging Your Audience.

While recording your content, you only mention your ideas from the beginning till the end of the video. You do not give your audience a chance to express their views about the content. That’s why people don’t subscribe to your channel.

So when recording your content ideas, ask your audience for their opinion and tell them to comment and interact in the comment section. You will reply or do another video expressing your ideas. That way, people will subscribe because they have a reason to stay on your channel.

3. You Are Not Asking People To Subscribe.

Not asking people to subscribe to your channel may seem simple and obvious, but it’s not apparent. Not everyone who clicks on your video has an intention of subscribing. But when you ask them politely during your intro as you welcome them, they might consider subscribing.

You can as well ask them through the use of YouTube annotations. Annotation is where you insert a text in between video segments. Also, while writing your video description, you can ask your viewers to subscribe.

4. You Upload Videos Massively.

Having many flowing content ideas and videos aligned to be uploaded is great. The problem comes in when you upload videos massively at short time intervals. People don’t subscribe to your channel because it’s overwhelming.

Also, once they subscribe, most of the suggestion videos will be your content. Their other loved channels will not appear on the home page or next video. So while planning content videos consider uploading them at a moderate pace.

5. You are Not Promoting Your Channel

If you are not posting your videos on your social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, you are doing the bare minimum. If you do not have these accounts, sign up for them.

These social media platforms carry a lot of weight; the same people who like and comment on your pictures and videos would subscribe to your channel. You have to share your video and ask people to subscribe.

6. Your Channel Content is Already Present on YouTube

Hundreds of YouTubers upload videos to the same niche every day, and these videos are similar in one way or another. In most cases, people watch your video and don’t subscribe because they have already subscribed to another channel with the same content.

These make your viewers watch your videos only to have additional information about what they already have.

7. Your Viewers Don’t Have YouTube Accounts.

YouTube does not necessarily require you to have an account to watch videos. Unless you want to comment, like, share and subscribe, that is when you will be asked to sign in to an account. Your viewers are probably among those who do not have accounts, and they won’t subscribe because they have no sign-in details.

8. Kids Restrictions

When kids under the age of 13 years use an adult smartphone or computer, they are under adult restriction of only watching. Also, kids might watch videos and not follow what’s going on. They do not subscribe as they do not know such a thing. All kids do is watch your videos for entertainment purposes.

9. People Don’t Intend to Subscribe.

Some people only use YouTube as a learning platform. When your video matches their interest, they will watch that video and leave. Well, it’s not your fault or their fault. Also, some people do not understand how YouTube works, and they do not know how important is it to subscribe to a YouTube channel.

Some people also do not subscribe to channels, not because they do not like your video but because it’s their nature. They don’t want any subscriptions.

Why People Don’t Subscribe to Your YouTube Channel: Conclusion

To conclude, some of the above reasons are fixed by correcting what you are doing wrongly, while others have no fix. Focus on what you can rectify, and people will watch and subscribe to your channel.

For the reasons you cannot fix, such as those who don’t like subscribing to channels, let them go; do not stress yourself.

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